"Gulf Trader" - 1976 Marine Trader 40' Sedan Trawler

UPDATE: An extensive DVD covering the operation
of all Electrical, Electronic, Fuel Systems
and Plumbing will be included with the boat
including engine maintenance...

Below is a printable listing of the various parts and items that were used on Gulf Trader to update its electrical, electronic, plumbing and mechanical systems.

Feel free to ask any questions that you might have. Contact information is at the bottom of the List...Bob

1976 Marine Trader 40 Sedan
"Gulf Trader"
Rule 3700 "UL Rated" bilge pump.

Rule 2000 bilge pump.

2 each, Rule enclosed bilge pump switches.

110 volt AC automatic sump pump.

High water alarm (exterior mounted horn with a bilge float switch.

AquaAlarm Bilge pump counter.

LED Bilge Pump Warning Lights for each pump at bridge station. Allows the skipper to monitor when and for how long the bilge pumps stay ON during a cruise.

ON/OFF switch for each fresh water faucet with red warning LED lights that Illuminate when the fresh water pump is turned ON. This feature allows the fresh water pump circuit breaker to be turned ON at the Master DC breaker box, but not allow the pump to operate until the ON/OFF switch at each faucet is pulled (thereby illuminating the LED warning light which reminds the user to turn it back OFF after use. Eliminates the fresh water pump from emptying the tanks in case a faucet is left open).

Replaced Bilge Pump Hoses.

Replaced Holding Tank.

Replaced Macerator Pump.

Replaced all Head/Holding Tank hoses and hose clamps (AWAB SS clamps).

Replaced Toilet (fresh water flush).

Replaced Fresh Water Pump.

Replaced Hot Water Heater.

Installed Dupont Fresh Water Filter.

Installed Shower Sump Pump.

Replaced all Fresh Water Hoses and Hose Clamps (AWAB SS Clamps).

Engines and Running Gear:
Engines: 2 each-Ford Lehman 120's non-turbo, 3200 hours each.

Transmissions: 2 each

Installed American Diesel Coolant Overflow Tanks/Hoses.

Replaced Thermostats.

Replaced Exhaust Hoses (Shields wire reinforced 3 " rubber).

Replaced Rubber Exhaust Couplers.

Replaced Fiberglass Exhaust Couplers.

Replaced all SS T-Bolt Exhaust Clamps (double clamps on all joints).

Replaced both Exhaust Elbows/Bolts.

Replaced Prop shafts (45 mm SS shafts).

Replaced all Cutlass Bearings (including the Stuffing Box Bearings).

Replaced Stuffing Box Stuffing.

Replaced SS 4" Transom Exhaust Outlets.

Replaced Transmission Heat Exchangers.

Replaced all Engine Hoses-American Diesel Hose Package (used AWAB SS clamps).

Replaced Alternators.

Replaced Belts.

Replaced Engine Heat Exchanger Pencil Zincs.

Replaced Throttle/Transmission Cables, top and lower station ("Red Label" Cables).

Installed Racor Fuel Filter.

Installed Walbro Electric Fuel Pump.

Replaced all Fuel Hoses and Hose Clamps (AWAB SS Clamps).

Engine/Transmission Couplers rebuilt.

Starters rebuilt.

Removed and rebedded the four prop shaft struts, replaced all SS bolts, nuts, washers. Installed new wood interior backing plates, bedded with 5200.

Electronics and Electrics:

Garmin 2010-C GPS with SW Florida chip.

Garmin 160-C Depth Sounder NOTE: Transducers for Sounders, shoot "through the hull". No exterior/underwater transducers to clean.

2-each, Standard Horizon VHF radios.

Toshiba Laptop Computer (older unit) equipped with external GPS Antenna and "SeaClear" GPS-Navigation program as backup to the Garmin GPS units.

Replaced upper and lower Engine Gauges/Wiring/Sensors.

Installed "Blue Sea" AC and DC Breaker Panels with Volt/Amp Gauges.

Replaced all AC and DC wiring (Anchor tinned thin copper stranded with tinned copper terminals, all double crimped and most soldered and covered with heat shrink tubing).

Replaced six Deep Cycle House Batteries (Duracell made by East Penn Battery).

Replaced two Engine "Start" Batteries.

Replaced heavy duty Battery Switches.

Installed 2 each, Voltmeters for Engine Start Batteries.

Installed 2 each, 6 amp ProMariner Battery Chargers (for charging Port and Starborad engine start batteries).

Replaced all heavy Battery Cables (Anchor tinned copper cable) and Lugs.

Installed 30 amp ProMariner House Battery Charger.

Installed 6 amp Promariner House Battery Charger.

Installed 6 each, 90 watt high performance "SunPower" Solar Panels on adjustable mounts.

Installed SS Davits on bridge rear as a lifting/storage system for a Kayak.

Original "Perko" SS Incandescent Ceiling Lights rewired/rebulbed.

Installed White/Red switchable LED Ceiling Lights.

Installed "Shakespeare" omnidirectional TV Antenna (on mast).

Installed 20" Flat Screen TV.

Installed 12" Flat Screen TV.

110 volt AC Cooking Utensils including microwave, toaster oven, grill, slow-cooker, etc.

110 volt Kenmore AC refrigerator/freezer (can operate from Solar Panels)

Installed marine grade 12 volt DC Pull Switches.

Installed two, AM/FM/CD Radios, upper and lower.

Installed Sony "Surround Sound" stereo system for the TV, DVD Player/VCR.

Installed "Marinco" AC shore power 30 amp outlet.

110 volt Space Heater.

Installed AquaSignal LED Port/Starboard Navigational Lights.

Installed AquaSignal Anchor Light on mast.

Installed 2 each, VHF Radio Antennas on SS Adjustable Mounts.

2 each, Windshield Wiper Arms, Blades, new/never installed.

Extras and Spares:
Many Shaft and Rudder Zinc spares.

New "Delta" Plow Anchor (never been in the water).

New 40' 3/8" Anchor Chain (never been in the water).

200' and 150' 5/8" Anchor Nylon Line.

"Ideal" Anchor Windlass (needs rebuilding).

Manual winch on Sampson Post.

Stainless Steel 45 pound Plow Anchor.

2 each, spare propellers.

Extra Mooring Line and Rope.

Spare Fuel Filters for both FL engine filters and Racor.

Spare Filters for Fresh Water Filter.

4 each, large Fenders.

5/8" braided Dock Lines/Spring Lines.

Large Igloo Cooler on bridge in cradle (has a 10 watt solar panel mounted on top).

Large throwable Life Ring.

2 each, "Marinco" 25' 30 amp Shore Power Cables.

12,000 BTU "wall" Air Conditioner.

3 each, 16" electric fans (AC).

3 each, 6" electric fans (DC).

Jabsco Oil Change System

2 each, new (never installed) American Diesel "Lift Pumps". (Engine mounted fuel pumps).

Large Dockbox with Solar Panel powered muffin fan vents.

Stainless Steel adjustable Outboard Engine Bracket on transom.

Many feet of spare Hoses for Exhaust, Fuel Line, Gen-Set Exhaust, etc.

Three gallons of new "Petit Trinidad SR" Red Bottom Paint goes with the boat.

Multiple spotlights, downlights and LED lights on mast.

Removed 18 old Thru-Hulls and replaced with four new Thru-Hulls. Fiberglassed/Epoxied original Thru-Hull holes and redrilled for new one's

Replaced Mast and Cables (and built new upper and lower Spreaders).

Installed high power muffin fan for Head/Shower ventilation.

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